Request when accompanied by a dog

Café Conclusion is OK with dogs, but please take care of general customers.

<Request in the store>

In order to make it easier for customers to visit our store, we have established the following rules without permission.

  • Connect to the reed, or put it in a gauge or cart, and manage it so that you do not leave the owner.
  • For hygiene purposes, do not use human tableware or place your hands or feet on the table.
  • If you put your doggy on a chair, please use a cafe mat.
  • When dropping a doggy on the cafe floor, please use the lower floor of the step floor. (The lower floor of the step floor can be cleaned by running water.)
  • Doggys who are worried about toilets should use a café mat or wear a manner belt or diaper even when dropping on the floor.
  • When using the cafe on the second floor (Japanese-style room), please wear a manner belt or diaper. Do not walk freely on tatami mats, such as in a carry bag or on your knees. (Even if you wear a manner belt or diaper, it often leaks. Please understand.)

<Request in the neighborhood>

  • Because parking lots nearby are privately owned, please take care. (Before the cafe opened, some people in the neighborhood said that they were not good at dogs due to bad manners. I hope that they will be able to understand dogs and dogs someday. Thank you very much.)