“Café Musubi” -it is a name of the café serving healing space by connecting the heart of people, or sometimes people and dogs. This is a vegetable specialized café in Kameido, Koto-ku of Tokyo. Here, you can enjoy “mezame genmai®” (Sprouted and Fermented Brown Rice), which is completely free from any pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The marks of dog’s paw pads are painted at the appearance of the café and inside the café, also each menu. Of course, customers with and without dogs are both welcome!

Meat Free Musubi

From March 2020, we will be a vegetarian cafe that does not serve meat and fish.

We got the acknowledge of how eating meat and fish has huge bad impact on the environment of the earth. Also, thanks to the guidance of sofa Deli & Foods, we realized how delicious vegetarian food is. So, we serve the food contributing to the improvement of customers’ immunity and also the environment of the earth, by “mezame genmai®”(Sprouted and Fermented Brown Rice) and other fermented food. We say, “If you come to our café, please enjoy the food without meat, such as Meat Free Musubi!”

”mezame genmai®”(Sprouted and Fermented Brown Rice)

Some people think “I know brown rice is healthy! But it is not delicious”. However, “Mezame Genmai” has very chewy texture because it is well germinated and fermented for over three days. Actually, brown rice is more friendly for your digestion, so people with a weak stomach also can eat it easily.

“Mezame Genmai” served at “Café Musubi” is made from special naturally cultivated rice, which is cultivated at the rice paddies without any pesticides and chemical fertilizers for more than thirty years.
Among the “Hijiri” (which is the name of the most special rice the farmers cultivate with the spirit), we use the one which won the best prize at a fair, and it has a lot of brown rice fungus. By keeping eating it, your body temperature will rise and also your immunity will improve. You must feel the difference of your body between the days before and after eating it.

The True Taste of Bran Pickles

We serve the pickles made by Sasaki-Pickles who makes pickles with the spirit to make people know the true taste of bran pickles. A fermented rice bran bed which makes bran pickles is formed by natural fermentation. With the increase of rich fungus such as lactic acid bacteria and butyric acid bacteria, the taste of vegetables is really promoted. Thus, brown pickles are really delicious and make you healthier without any additives and preservatives.