Kameido 7-19-7, Koto-ku, Tokyo


For Train Users

  1. 10 minutes from the East Exit of Kameido Station, Sobu Line, JR (800m)
  2. After you go out from the East Exit, go left (the direction for Chiba)
  3. Turn right in front of “Nikumare-gumi”, and you will go to the Keiyo Road
  4. Turn Right on the Keiyo Road, and go straight to the direction for Chiba (about 8 minutes)
  5. Go straight on the signal in front of JEANS MATE (just a little more to our café!)
  6. Turn left in front of Mitsuwa on the Kameido 7-Chome East intersection (If you look up there, you can see the signboard of Kameshichi-Shopping Street. Also, the shop of BMW is on your right side)
  7. Just on the middle of Kameshichi-Shopping Street, you can see Café Musubi (on your left side)

  8. For Bus Users

    About 2 minutes from Kameido 7-Chome Bus Stop

    For Vehicle Users

    We have one parking lot for our café.
    An appointment is needed to use the parking lot (100 yen for 30 minutes).
    Please call us for appointment (03-6874-1259)
    Address of the parking lot: Kameido 7-18-7

    ※If customers’ payment for the parking lot surpasses the rental fee of it, we can keep the contract of the parking lot. However, if the utilization of the parking lot is low, we have to cancel the contract to rent it. So, your appointment is very helpful for us (although sometimes the parking lot is not empty).

    Go left from the café, and you can see the parking lot on the right side, several shops ached.

    ※The space of our parking lot in the total parking area was changed. Please be careful not to use the parking lots for other shops. The red space below (You might think that the yellow car cannot go out, it is no problem actually).

    Red corns are located on our parking lot.
    So, please park your car moving the red corns.
    ※When you go out from the parking lot with your car, please move the red corns back to the original area.

    On the parking area, we would like to ask you to hold your dogs, and do not make them excrete.

    <When you cannot not come to the café with your car navigation>

    If your car navigation says you to turn in front of the Lawson on the Keiyo Road, you might not come to our café because you are said to turn right on the point of the red arrow on the map below (Although there is the sign of one-way traffic for turning right, you can turn left actually).

    Additional information of near metered parking lots (You are need to pay).
    ※The point of the blue round on the above map are metered parking lots (You can see the details below).

    <Recommended Metered Parking Lots>
    【4 minutes from the café】 Kameido 7-10-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo (100 yen for 20 minutes)
    Tanaka-Shoji parking lot (on the back of JEAS MATE on the Kemedo 7-Chome intersection

    ※This parking lot is often empty (The upper limit of vehicle height is 2.1m).
    ※You cannot find this parking lot on the map app, so please input the address itself.


    【3 minutes from the café】 Kameido 7-11-18, Koto-ku, Tokyo (200 yen for 30 minutes)
    Repark Kameido 7-Chome, 4


    【4 minutes from the café】 Kameido 7-14-9, Koto-ku, Tokyo (100 yen for 30 minutes)
     Only 2 parking lots, so usually there are no empty.